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Organized by Tetuan Valley

About Tetuan Valley

Tetuan Valley strives to promote and foster entrepreneurship throughout Spain. Our mission has always been to give valuable resources, knowledge and support to start-up entrepreneurs. It is with this in mind that we decided to host this year’s Raising Money Event.

About the Event

This two-day program is designed to give an in-depth look at fundraising for early stage startups. Attendees will hear from a panel of experts that will be discussing a wide range of topics. The central theme of the event will be comparing the differences and similarities between raising capital in various investment hubs.

Don´t miss this opportunity to meet other founders, investors and experts from different entrepreneurial ecosystems!


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Event Schedule

The event will be in English.

Day 1 March 23rd
  • 09:30 - "Investment for dummies" - Javier Megias

    Introductory talk (in Spanish) for startups explaining the basics.

  • 10:00 - Welcome and Introduction - Alex Barrera
  • 10:15 - Keynote "Intro to Startup financing for Spanish entrepreneurs" - Rodrigo Martinez

  • 11:00 - Panel 1: "Success cases"

    Spanish founders that raised money in Spain, USA, UK, Germany... Their case, how long does it take, things they would have like to know before they started. If they had to do it over again, what would they do?

    Moderator Alex Barrera
    Spain, UK Javier Andres (Ticketea)
    Spain, UK Luis Rivera (ETFMatic)
    Germany Ander Michelena (Ticketbits)
    Denmark, Netherlands & Kuwait Jorge Schnura (Tyba)
    USA Jose Ignacio Fernández (Traity)
  • 12:00 - Panel 2: "Failing forward"

    Lessons learned from founders of startups that failed.

    Moderator Carmen Bermejo
    Santi Casado (RiderState)
    Mariano Torrecilla (Linkovery)
    Javier de la Llave (Comprea y Meets)
    Rafael Vargas (preferya)
  • 12:45 - Startup Manifesto: Carmen Bermejo

  • 13:00 - Panel 3: "European Regulations"

    On how the European legislation affects the life of a startup.

    UK Guy Levin (COADEC)
    Xavier Damman (Storify)
    José Iglesias (Up Global) [via Skype]
    Isidro Laso (European Commiission, Startup Europe) [via Skype]
  • 14:00 - Lunch break
  • 15:30 - Panel 5: "Foreign Money"

    Venture Capitals explaining their pont of view about investing in Spanish startups.

    Moderator Alex Barrera
    Point Nine Capital Rodrigo Martinez
    Altium Capital Katelyn Melan
    Active Partners Christopher Pommerening
    Smart Equity Gonçalo Fernandes
  • 16:30 - "How Venture Capital is Changing" - Christopher Pommerening
  • 17:00 - "Introducing the program Euromentors" - Kumardev Chatterjee
  • 17:30 - Closing: Alex Barrera
  • 18:00 - Pirates on Shore Madrid Event

    Full info: http://2015.piratesonshore.com/en/madrid

Day 2 March 24rd
  • 10:00 - Panel 1: "The founders experience"

    Spanish founders that incorporated in Spain, UK & USA tell the pros and cons, their experience and things they would have like to know before they started.

    Spain and UK Luis Rivera (ETFMatic)
    Spain and USA Miguel Arias (CartoDB)
    Spain Alfonso Perez (Espafil)
    USA and Spain Edu Fernandez (ShuttleCloud)
  • 11:30 - Panel 2: The legal point of view

    Lawyers specialized in startups incorporated in Spain, UK and USA, explaining the pros and cons of each country for creating your startup there.

    Spain Pablo Mancia (Delvy)
    USA Max Brigonzi (Mind the Bridge)
    UK and USA Tina Baker (Seedcamp)
  • 12:30 - "How payments can facilitate the expansion of Internet commerce" - Guillaume Princen (Stripe)
  • 13:00 - Panel 3: "Public Funding"

    Moderator Mariano Torrecilla
    Fundera Diego Soro
    European Commision SME instrument Kumardev Chartterjee
    ENISA Carolina Rodríguez

Speakers of the Event

Alex Barrera
Co-founded two major startup accelerators (@tetuanvalley), worked with business models, startup valuations, communication and message crafting, startup PR, lean startup methodologies, customer development and product design. Co-founder & editor@Tech_EU
Alex Barrera

Chief WOWness at @press42

Ander Michelena
Graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE). He spent one year at an exchange program in Marquette University (Wisconsin, USA). He then moved to London to start his professional career at Morgan Stanley, specializing in M&A. In 2009, he quit to start his own project with Jon Uriarte, and is now the CEO and founder of Ticketbis.com, a platform where you can buy and sell tickets online from all over the world.
Ander Michelena

CEO and Co-founder of Ticketbis

Diego Soro
Diego Soro has a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona and Executive MBA from the IE Business School. He is a serial entrepreneur, as he is the co-founder of many companies, like Exente and Loweb. ​Since 2015, Diego has now focused on his new venture, Fundera, an aggregator ​aimed to centralise and democratize the access to public funding.
Diego Soro

CEO of Foundera (@Fundera_eu)

Javier Andrés
Javier has a degree in Business Administration from ICADE (Madrid) and Tulane University (USA). He also has a Masters in Digital Business from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. Before launching ticketea, Javier worked 7 years for strategic consulting firms like KPMG and AT. Kearney.
During his professional experience, Javier has worked extensively in Internet and innovation projects, working for clients such as Telefonica, Terra, Guggenheim Bilbao, Inditex and Banco Santander. He is actively involved in the development of the entrepreneurship environment in Spain, and is one of the mentors for entrepreneurs of selected projects at Wayra Spain incubator.
Javier Andrés Marín

CEO of Ticketea

Carmen Bermejo
She is specialized in pre-acceleration and early stage startups mentoring. Acting as, Tetuan Valley CEO (coordinator of all the activities of Tetuan Valley since February 2013) and director of the Tetuan Valley Startup School in Madrid since the 8th edition (Spring 2013).
She has been involved working on the ATALANTA project since February 2014 and LIFE project since January 2015. What stands out more in Carmen is her passion and her true involvement in helping the startups improve, while giving honest feedback.
Carmen Bermejo

CEO of @tetuanvalley

Eduardo Fernández
Eduardo Fernández is one of the founders of ShuttleCloud, a software designed to integrate into Google Apps. He has experience in structured data management, cloud services and information technology.
Eduardo Fernández

Co-founder and CEO of ShuttleCloud

Javier Megias
He is a director of several startups and investment funds, and has worked advising dozens of companies and organizations such as the European Commission. Javier also writes a blog that has won several awards at an international level related businesses and startups, including the award for best business blog Castilian 2011
Javier Megías

CEO & co-founder at startupxplore

Jorge Schnura
Jorge is a young entrepreneur who's studied Business Administration at IE University. Since age 15, he has taken a very active interest and invested in stock market opportunities. Furthermore, he gained additional experience working for three years in Spanish politics and two years as Coordinator of Investor Relations Departments for three mineral exploration companies. In September 2011 he co-founded Tyba, where he now works as VP of Users, leading everything related to the user side of the business, from product to marketing.
Jorge Schnura

Co-founder of @tyba

Jose Ignacio Fernández
José Ignacio Fernández is MSc in Telecommunications Engineering and PhD in Intelligent Systems from the Technical University of Madrid. As a web developer, he has participated in multiple technological projects until the launch of Traity, a startup that ensures safety in the Internet which has won several national and international prizes.
Jose Ignacio Fernández

Co-founder and CTO of @Traity_

Katelyn Melan
Graduated from Northeastern University Sum Cum Laude and studied finance, spanish and international business. Currently an analyst at Altium Capital where she participates in the analysis of corporate finance transactions concentrated in technology and biotechnology sectors.
Katelyn Melan

Analyst at Altium Capital

Kumardev Chatterjee
Kumardev has been involved in the design and set up of the Horizon 2020 SME instrument over the last three years. As a European commission appointed independent expert, he has also evaluated proposals for the European Commission for a €20 Million grant portfolio in 2013. He is an ICT expert, industry professional, innovator and entrepreneur himself. Chatterjee has a long history of involvement in EU policy, grants and proposals, and is seen as a leading expert in the field. He will provide first-hand information and tips during the sessions.
Kumardev Chatterjee

President European Young Innovators Forum

Luis Rivera
Founding partner at Okuri Ventures, Tetuan Valley, StartupBootcam, Akaimedia, Arbco and Blue Nilak, also has acted as a collaborator in several startups.
Strategic consultant with more than 8 years of experience, advising multinational and risk capital companies in business and financial transactions for Okuri Ventures (Madrid), Monitor Group (Londres) and PwC Consulting / IBM (Madrid).
Luis Rivera

CEO @ETFmatic.

Miguel Arias
Miguel is fluent in 4 languages, holds a MS Degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and an MBA from the IE Business School.
Before joining CartoDB, he co-founded IMASTE, the European leading specialist in virtual events and webcasts. IMASTE was acquired in 2012 by ON24 Inc, the global leading platform for virtual corporate communications, based in Silicon Valley.
He has managed tech and pan-european sales teams with a strong enterprise focus and has real-life experience on the challenges of scaling up high-growth startups.
He is an active Angel investor in Internet based start-ups in Spain. He founded Chamberi Valley, the leading network of consolidated tech entrepreneurs in Madrid.
Miguel Arias

COO at @CartoDB

Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo joined @PointNineCap a Berlin based early stage venture capital firm focused entirely on the Digital Media. He work as an Investment Associate after finishing his MBA at London Business School in 2013. Previously, he was a Summer Associate at Index Ventures in London. Prior to that he worked as a Senior Strategy Consultant at PwC in Madrid.
Rodrigo Martínez

Early Stage Tech Investor at Point9 Capital

Santi Casado
As CEO and co-founder of RiderState, in the last 3 years he has had the opportunity to grow with skilled team of professionals, acquiring knowledge and experience in many fields. He specializes in: Marketing, branding, gamification, fundraising and sales.
Santi Casado

Founder & CEO RiderState

Pablo Mancia
Lawyer specialized in Technology and communication, with entrepreneurial mindset. Pablo is always learning new things and loves Internet businesses and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He is interested in helping in innovative projects that provide added value.
Pablo Mancía

Founder and Partner at @Delvy_asesores

Max Brigonzi
Has a degree in Global Entrepreneurship and Management, with academic and professional experience in market research, strategic business consulting, innovation management, education, coaching, technology scouting and international networking. He is currently a project manager at Mind The Bridge.
Max Brigonzi

Mind The Bridge

Tina Baker
She is a musician and a lawyer representing technology entrepreneurs and investors in the US and Europe from London. Both US and UK qualified, I am the co-founder of JAG Shaw Baker (www.jagshawbaker.com)
Tina Baker

Co-founder JAG Shaw Baker

Mariano Torrecilla
Manager at the family business, entrepreneur at Linkovery, SmartMoney, Loogic Ventures and others, partner at Loogic, investor and advisor. Graduated in Marketing from ESIC, IE growth program, international marketing from Cambridge, StartupBootcamp and Tetuan Valley alumni, tech lover and problem solver.
Mariano Torrecilla

Linkovery / Loogic Ventures

Rafael Vargas
Computer Science Engineer and Master in Entrepreneurship by Universidad de Sevilla. Founder and CEO of selectomer and vargasia. Collaborates with several institutions in the formation of digital professionals. Since six years ago, he is teaching companies to use Internet as a sales channel.
Rafael Vargas

Founder of @vargasiacom & @selectomer

Cristopher Pommereign
He is Managing Partner of Active Venture Partners, member of the Board of Directors of BuyVIP, Non Executive co-founder and Advisor of Foundum and Linqia, member of the Venture Committee of ASCRI, Advisor to Gild International and Chairman of the Venturepreneurs' Organisation & of the Barcelona Entrepreneurship City Commission.
Cristopher Pommereign

Founding Partner Active Venture Partners

Guillaume Princen
An engineer at heart, he spent over 6 years in Management Consulting at McKinsey & Company, focusing on Tech and other B2B technological industries (e.g. Aeorospace & Defense).Graduated from Harvard Business School (M.B.A.), where he focused mostly on tech and entrepreneurship (e.g. founded own tech company, supported other French start-ups go to market in the US).
Guillaume Princen

Country Lead Stripe

Alfonso Pérez
At Espafil he have developed a tool that allows companies to predict customer behavior in real time by using data they already have.
This tool makes cross-selling more effective for retailers, allowing them to increase sales and keep their customers satisfied by offering them only those products they will really like. Get the best output of the BigData through our Data Analytics algorithms.
Alfonso Pérez

Co-founder & COO at EspafilTech

Guy Levin
Executive Director @Coadec, The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) is a non-profit that campaigns for policies to support digital startups in the UK.
They conduct research, host events, and run campaigns on behalf of the UK’s startup community. He is also Policy columnist at @TechCityNews. Interested in policy, tech and foreign affairs. Former Special Adviser @DFID_UK and@DCMS.
Guy Levin

Executive Director @Coadec

Carolina Rodriguez
Law degree from University of Vigo and international trade specialist (USC), she started her professional career in internationalization in Morocco (2003). After she joined ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones to promote Spanish investment abroad, working in over a dozen countries. From 2008 she served as project manager at Invest in Spain promoting Spain as an attractive destination for fdi.
Carolina Rodriguez

institutional relations manager at @enisa

Javier de la Llave
Javier de la Llave

Gonçalo Fernandes
Former Chief Financial Officer at Critical Software S.A. and Executive Board member. Board Chairman at Critical Software Romania, Srl. License degree in Business Management at ISLA (Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração) in Lisbon and several other training courses such as Post Graduation in Financial Analysis, a MBA specializing in Strategy and Marketing at ISEG (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão), executive course in Competitive Strategy at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, and an executive course in Advanced Corporate Finance at London Business School. Registered as Financial Analyst at the Portuguese Financial Analysts Association, and at EFFAS (European Federation of Financial Analyst Societies), as Certified European Financial Analyst
Gonçalo Fernandes

Co-Founder of Smart Equity




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