Pre-acceleration Program

Our Startup School is a FREE 6 week training program with the end goal of having a fully validated prototype.

It’s divided into 6 sessions, one per week, where we cover topics such as problem-solution fit, giving effective presentations, marketing and business models, investment and legal matters. The sessions are divided into two sections with a pizza break in between: 

2 hours of talks by experts on the topic

Pitch practice



Pitch Practice

Mentorstal2Each team presents their project each week and receives feedback from Tetuan Valley staff, mentors, volunteers, and their peers. 



Besides the weekly workshops, the teams enrolled in the Startup School also attend a hackathon: a weekend dedicated entirely to developing or improving your product.


whiteboard-849803_960_720Almost every week we leave homework for the teams to work on their own – con
ducting interviews, defining a business model, perfecting the pitch, among others. We believe hard work is the best way to make a team and a Startup stronger!


We have a network of amazing mentors with experience as entrepreneurs themselves. You can see who they are in our mentors page. They will guide you through the program and are available for office hours and one-to-one meetings. 


In addition to the mentors, we pair each team with a godparent entrepreneur who works in the same industry as them. Godparents accompany the teams throughout the process and follow-up with them after the program has ended. They are an invaluable resource!